Hello! My name is Luke Sonnet, I am a PhD student in Political Science at UCLA.

I am mostly interested in electoral accountability, although I also care about broader issues in development and governance as well as machine learning in the social sciences. My current projects include a field experiment in Pakistan with Miriam Golden and Saad Gulzar on the effects of increased communication between parliamentarians and constituents. I am also working on a project with several others on violence, displacement, and reconciliation in Northeastern Nigeria. Other projects use experimental and observational evidence on the effects of anti-corruption campaigns on political participation and fine-grained spatial data to study the relationship between governance and electricity load shedding in Pakistan. In two separate projects with Chad Hazlett and George Derpanopoulos, I have worked to extend flexible yet interpretable machine learning techniques to both binary and zero-inflated count outcomes.

I am also interested in improving political science education for the large number of undergraduate students who take courses in the discipline. To that end I helped design and teach a course with Miriam Golden that uses data analysis and active learning in lab to explore the determinants and consequences of political corruption.

Lastly, I care about open access to code, research, and data. If I’ve done anything that makes you doubt this is true, let me know right away so I can fix it!

My email is: luke.sonnet@gmail.com

You can find me on Twitter @LukeSonnet, where I tweet mostly about research transparency, and on GitHub. I also organized the UCLA Comparative Politics Association Conference for three years. You can find more information at the website here. Below are some of my thoughts.